FirstEnergy Corporation (FirstEnergy)

FirstEnergy Corporation (FirstEnergy)

FirstEnergy will be a key advisor and collaborator in the design, build-out and installation of the TBEIC smart test-bed as well as in its “smart” interface and management.  In addition to providing technical expertise and advisory to client companies as well as the broader set of research, development and education partners represented within the collaborative through the TBEIC expert network, FirstEnergy has committed to bringing its EPRI membership and industry relationship into the TBEIC test-bed collaborative.

Moreover, FirstEnergy intends to co-locate a laboratory facility at the TBEIC that will utilize the interconnection infrastructure while providing access to onsite expertise and consultation around emerging grid integration issues. FirstEnergy (FE) will actively participate in an advisory role providing utility industry insights and practices, including technical input regarding functional criteria and processes to evaluate utility and consumer devices and applications. 

FirstEnergy will be an active collaborator in facility design to provide technical consultation and review of plans and capabilities as well as providing feedback to start-up companies.  The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) can help inform this project from a testing protocols and collaborative industry perspective, as well.   In addition, FirstEnergy is interested in establishing a lab for deployment testing of utility equipment, such as distribution automation, voltage management and metering which supports our smart grid activities and creates access to utility technical expertise at TBEIC.  This demonstrates First-Energy as a committed participant collaborator and end user of ultimate tech developed atTBEIC.

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