JME, Inc.

JME, Inc.

JME is a 21 year old Ohio Corporation specializing in electricity energy storage based on electrochemical capacitor technology.  JME’s President, Dr. John R. Miller is well know to the industry and was a pioneer in the development of third-generation electrochemical capacitor technology.  JME scientist Dr. Arkadiy A. Klementov is an inventor of the asymmetric electrochemical capacitor now under development for grid storage applications. 

JME assists material suppliers and capacitor developers to optimize their products for specific applications.  JME has assisted DOE in establishing appropriate testing techniques, evaluation procedures, and reliability assessment methods for large, high-power capacitors and systems. 

JME, Inc. will contribute consulting services as cost share in the amount of $30,000. This will permit JME, Inc. to leverage the TBEIC Lab for advancing and testing power electronics that is associated with capacitor storage technology and needed by the industry before grid connection can be possible.   MegaJoule Storage, Inc. is JME’s Commercialization arm.

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