Youngstown State University

Youngstown State University

An academic anchor of TBEIC, Youngstown State University STEM College has some 100 faculty members involved in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. As the first and only STEM College in Ohio, YSU provides a unique capability of faculty and facilities to evolve from basic scientific research through engineering to high volume process design within the same college.

This "molecules to manufacturing" capability is unique in the state and has resulted in a history of past research success and is conducive to support commercialization. Youngstown State University has successfully completed research and commercialization activities in several areas.

Youngstown State University, located in Northeastern Ohio, has been designated as an Urban Research University by the Ohio Board of Regents. As one of eight such universities to receive such distinction, this unique designation establishes scientific and engineering research as key priorities for the university. In addition, this designation expands the academic focus beyond undergraduate education to include post graduate education and research in support of regional economic development.

The YSU STEM College (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) has become a primary research arm of the university. It has established a Center of Excellence in Advanced Materials and Manufacturing and a Center for Sustainable Energy. YSU's Sustainable Energy Forum, now in its third year, annually attracts nearly 250 regional entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and business people from the tri-state area.  As the first and only college of its kind in the University System of Ohio, YSU STEM is strategically structured to create advanced energy interdisciplinary research teams to accelerate important scientific discovery. For example, within the STEM College, physicists, electrical and mechanical engineers, and mechanical engineering technologists regularly collaborate to perform research on advanced energy. The academic structure enables the YSU STEM team to move from “molecules to manufacturing,” managing transitions from research to production cleanly and quickly.

The University has partnered with and participated in the planning and formation of TBEIC, located some twenty miles away in downtown Warren, Ohio. This facility will be completely dedicated to advanced energy research and commercialization and will serve as an important extension of YSU research facilities, as well as a resource for other Universities and companies throughout Ohio.

Demonstrated Leadership Assets – YSU possesses a range of professional and programmatic assets, which will be leveraged throughout this project, including:

Dr. Jalal Jalali (PI) is Chair of the Youngstown State University Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering His primary teaching and research interests include Power Systems and Electronics, Energy Efficiency, Electromagnetics, and RF Communications. He has been a University professor since 1982, and is an experienced and successful researcher.

Dr. Frank Li received his Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University in 2005. Frank has extensive industry experience with Ajax TOCCO Corporation as an Electrical Engineer and Project Engineer. His current Research areas include wireless sensor networks, applied magnetic fields,  RF Engineering, and energy storage and grids.


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